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Cabot Circus was conceived and built just as the recession hit. It’s a hugely popular shopping centre with big name shops and is always full of people. I have visited it three times, personally I dislike these places as they have no soul at all. Brand names, franchise restaurants, overworked and underpaid staff, it just doesn’t do anything for me at all.

Skelena, Cabot Circus, Bristol, Wow Gorillas

Skelena is a rather elegant and graphic design, looks a bit like an American football player with his stylised banana motif markings.

Skelena, Cabot Circus, Bristol, Wow Gorillas

I feel a bit sorry for these gorillas that ended up in the shopping malls. I suppose the idea was that lots of people would see them and maybe they would evoke some curiosity in passers-by who weren’t specifically looking for them, but most people walked straight past this one.

I think I forgot to post this second one, which is one of the first ones I saw, it can be found outside Waitrose in North Bristol.

It’s called Reaching Out and is covered with children’s handprints.

reaching out, waitrose, wow gorillas