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Blackbeard Silverback Gorilla looks far more lovely in person than my photos show.

Blackbeard SilverBack, Arnos Vale, Wow Gorillias

The paint has a luminous quality and really does look like glass or enamel when you are standing next to him.

Blackbeard SilverBack, Arnos Vale, Wow Gorillias
The gorilla stands on the terrace outside the visitor centre where we stopped and had tea and chatted and watched the stream of visitors coming to see the gorilla. Some people ignored the notices about climbing on the gorilla and resolutely planted their children on top of them while other people frowned. So very English, the frowning I mean.

Arnos Vale is a grand old Victorian cemetery that has had a huge amount of time and work spent on it in recent years, restoring monuments and cutting back the undergrowth. It is an extraordinary place as it covers so much ground and like Highgate in London has lots to look at from a visitor’s viewpoint as well as being the final resting place of so many Bristolians.