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Something about the Zoo Keeper gorilla standing stoically covered in raindrops after one of our August showers made me smile in recognition.  He gleamed in the sunshine and looked very debonair. I think he must be carrying that bucket of fish to feed the seals and the walruses.

Zoo Keeper, Wow Gorillas, Bristol, Quakers Friars

I wanted to stand and have a chat with him. He reminds me of Johnny Morris! Ooh I ‘ve just read the plaque, which I photographed, but didn’t read and that is exactly who he is modelled on; lovely Johnny from “Animal Magic” the animal man of my childhood!

Zoo Keeper, Wow Gorillas, Bristol, Quakers Friars

In the background is one of Raymond Blanc’s Brasseries;  we had lunch here after getting married last year.

The magic of YouTube found me this just now… in case you need reminding. Here is Johnny Morris with gorillas!