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Last weekend we were at Arnos Vale Cemetery looking for a gorilla (haven’t sorted his photos out yet)  and stopped at the café there for a cup of tea. We had the dogs with us and they made friends with a family with two children who played with them and gave them their biscuits which we had with us.

As you do, when on the trail of gorillas, we started talking and they told me they were going to see the out of town gorillas the following day. I asked them if they would send me photos and they did! Aren’t people kind? All for you Celia and Miskmask!

So here are the two that I definitely wouldn’t have caught up with in situ thanks to these kind people!

I spy Gorilla, Slimbridge, Wow Gorillas, The Ashworths
I Spy Gorilla, at Slimbridge Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust,  Photo taken by the Ashworth Family


Guerilla Tourist, Birmingham Coach Station, Ashworth family,
The Guerilla Tourist at Birmingham Coach Station taken by the Ashworth Family

And here is a lovely side view of the I Spy Gorilla that they also sent, isn’t it wonderful?!

Thank you again Ashworth Family!