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Splodge, Colston Hall, Wow! Gorillas

Splodge is a bit boring and given his prominent position outside the golden brand new refurbished Colston Hall I think something more exciting could have been done with this one.

Crystal Eyes at Stanfords, Corn Street, Wow Gorilllas

Inside Stanfords on Corn Street, the wonderful map and travel shop is Crystal Eyes, impossible to photograph but here is what we came up with anyway. The intrepid gorilla hunter is fiddling with her camera and hoping not to be noticed. Some chance!

Super G, St Nicholas's Market, Bristol

Further up the street in the entrance to St Nicholas’s Market is Super G, who was just a bit boring too. His eyes were nice but apart from that I couldn’t fathom the connection between a gorilla painted up as a skier and this old  indoor bric-a-brac market but then sometimes my imagination fails me.

Of far more interest was the Moorish cafe where Gill the Painter and I stopped for lunch behind Corn Street. I like this bit of the market, there’s a great juice bar, and lots of small interesting cafés and eating opportunities. On a Wednesday it’s the perfect place to stop for something to eat after you have been to the Farmer’s Market round the corner. I had falafel and Gill had some spicy lentils.