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Wow Gorillas, Bristol

These two gorillas can be found on Queen Square, though you have to hunt around for them.

Wow Gorillas, BristolFade to Black has a strong and simple design. Many small girls were desperate to climb on this one. Maybe it’s to do with pinkness? I don’t remember there being so much pink around when I was little…

Going Gone is covered in special heat sensitive paint which when warmed up reveals messages beneath and has some special smartphone readable barcode thingy (lost on me I’m afraid).

I think it probably works best from publicity stuff I have read about it if you throw hot water over it. Have a look at this article with photograph of the artist demonstrating how it works. The hot water reveals messages about the plight of the gorilla. It’s a very clever idea but a bit lost on passersby who don’t know the story and have no hot water to hand!

I didn’t have any with me and our hands just left slight handprints in a lighter shade of brown when Gill and I saw it.