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Apple of My Eye, Wow Gorillas, Bristol
The Apple of My Eye gorilla is sponsored by a cider company and apparently celebrates the West Country’s apple heritage.

He stands in the Tramway Centre near various grand statues.

For those of you who don’t know Bristol, the city used to have trams and they all came through this point, it is still a main bus route interchange point for the city. The river disapppears under the centre; in even older photographs of Bristol it was open here and the ships sailed right through. When the Tramway centre was redesigned a few years ago, there was talk of opening up the river once again, but the demands of the car won. I wish that they had managed to find a way to do it.

Apple Of My Eye, Tramway Centre, Bristol

I like the eyes and the strong design and that Biba purple and gold are very nostalgic. I think he looks as if he is wearing a yamulke from one angle too!