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St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol
St Mary Redcliffe is an eight hundred year old Parish Church which has a deafening peal of bells at practice time. On a visit to Bristol in 1574 Queen Elizabeth is reputed to have declared it to be the “fairest, goodliest and most famous parish church in England.”

One gets glimpses of the spire from many points in the city. Bristol was badly bombed during WW11 but this church survived. You can read up about its history here. It has an American connection which involves the Mathew, John Cabot and a piece of whalebone from Newfoundland.

Bristol’s merchants and traders played a major part in the Slave Trade: The church’s website makes reference to this and the money spent by the traders on the church To learn more about Bristol’s involvement in this trade in human misery this is a good starting point.

Outside the church is this delightful Gorilla called Little Fluffy Clouds. I felt she needed a cuddle.