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Severn Bore Gorilla Victoria Hornby Pill Bristol

Severn Bore Wow Gorillas Victoria Hornby Pill BristolThis fabulous gorilla is called the Severn Bore after the river wave or bore that sweeps up the Severn at regular intervals.  Poised and ready for action I think this is one of my favourites so far.

Lovely artwork by Victoria Hornby decorates the flanks of this one, referring to the need for conservation of all unique and special habitats.

Severn Bore Gorilla Victoria Hornby Pill BristolThe Severn Bore would be no more if the planned barrages had been put in place across the Severn.  The project illustrates the increasing tensions between our needs for green sources of energy and to conserve and respect wildlife habitats and biodiversity.

The Wildlife Trusts’ interactive report makes interesting reading on the subject and has some great photographs of the area, including a great surfing the bore picture. If you have time have a look at this!

Severn Bore Gorilla Victoria Hornby Pill BristolAnyone who watches any David Attenborough or other nature programmes will know of the plight of the gorilla’s main habitats and the direct threat that habitat degradation and destruction poise to their continued existence.

On a lighter note here is Zeb taking advantage of the extra height of the gorilla’s surfboard.

Severn Bore Wow Gorillas Pill Bristol Victoria Hornby