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By the foot of the Suspension Bridge stands Gorisambard

Lifesize and just a bit overwhelming….
lipstick gorilla
Lipstick gorilla graces the Promenade
Lipstick’s face is kiss free..
Noah Gorilla Bristol Zoo
Each one I find I fall more in love….
I love Noah’s blue eyes…

There are sixty of these gorillas altogether. The furthest away is at Birmingham Coach station but the vast majority are to be found in Bristol this summer as part of Bristol Zoological Gardens 175th birthday celebrations.

The gorillas have their own face book page and I am going to be on the lookout, might even go out hunting to see how many I can find over the next ten weeks or so.  I think I’ll put them on a page rather than drive you all mad posting pictures, but I couldn’t resist posting this right now.

I think they are fabulous and I am going to donate £1 to the Zoo fund for each one I find.

There is a map showing where they all are here. If you are in the area this summer and happen to see one, let me know.  My favourite so far is Gorisambard, just too cool for words with his sideburns.

Here come the gorillas!

And the real ones at Bristol Zoo itself  Edit: (courtesy of MrsLucyLocket) who kindly wrote to me last night…


Hello, I am pleased that you like the video. Yes, no problem with the link embedded in your blog.
I have just seen your blog. I like the one about the lime trees and madeleines. Very nice, and I love the Iittala china with the dragonflies – we’ve just bought some ourselves. 
I can see you are Bristol based, so are we. We are into videography, documentary and photography, having done a lot with hot air balloons and the Gordon Bennett Balloon race over the last few years. We are into anything that moves and lots of stills photography and of course Bristol is a great place for all the action.
Love the baking by the way.